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Vanity sink has its own prominence in a bathroom any day in a house. Generally, a bathroom vanity covers the areas of the sink and the storage area it provides. An essential vanity sink must be chosen wisely because of the importance and amount of usage it has accumulated in a house. A functional bathroom should cover all the requirements like storage, smooth flow of water, maintenance while maintaining a stylish interior look. That is what Aulic is about, supplying the perfect bathroomware to your lavatory. Try one of Aulic’s vanity and sink today.

Types of Vanity Sink

We all know how important a vanity sink is in the bathroom. A vanity sink is a binding of the sink and the storage area which hides all the plumbing pipes and other things. We have gathered all the ‘in trends’ vanity in one place and came down with the top 3. The top 3 vanity sinks we have been receiving many orders and customisation are below:

a. Above Counter Sink
It is a basin that sits on top of the vanity’s bench.

b. Drop in Sinks
The drop-in vanity sink is a self-rimming sink where it is mounted on top of the vanity leaving the rim visible around the benchtop. It is more common for kitchen sinks, but these days you can find these styles in the bathroom as well.

c. Circle Bowl Basin
Round or bowl basins are the new trends because of their unique shapes.

Tips: Before choosing which vanity sink you are after, it is advisable to consider the user of the basin. Are they adults, kids, elderly people or visitors? Then, measure the diameter of the vanities for the sink before choosing your vanity. This eases your decision making as these 2 steps will filter out the basin that is not fitting to your vanity.

Seamless Vanity Sink
The seamless design seems to be the popular look sought after these days because it is considered one of the features of modern furniture. Looking seamlessly beautiful gives a few advantages. Firstly, no doubt it will not run out of style easily as the design is minimal. Secondly, it is easy to clean as features like rim, nooks and crannies are removed from the design. Hence, cleaning the surface is smoother and easier.
Choosing the right Materials

Why is knowing the material of a vanity sink is important? The materials of a vanity sink represent the style and quality of your bathroom focus point. Having a better understanding of these fine aspects of these sinks can also serve as an aide-memoire of your bathroom’s style. After all, it can be overwhelming when you are designing every detail of your home interior. So, the following are the common materials used:

a. Porcelain
Porcelain sinks are the most durable raw material because it is formed in a kiln at the highest temperature resulting in the hardest clay available. The temperature can go up to 1400 degrees, making sure the clay is watertight. The average lifespan of the porcelain sink can be up to 50 years. The best part is the porcelain basin in the market is priced very reasonably and comes in a variety of colors and shapes to suit everyone’s style. This makes it a popular choice among shoppers.

b. Ceramic Sink
Ceramic Sink would be the alternative to porcelain. The ceramic sink is also made from clay and hardened by heat, however, there are few differences such as the temperature, other materials involved and how the shape are formed. Typically, a ceramic sink is formed by mixing clays, powders and water and shaping it to the desired basin sink like pottery. The heating temperature to remove the water molecules is set roughly at 760 degrees. The common problem found in ceramic ware is they tend to chip or crack.

c. Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless steel sink is a common pick for commercial, education and medical institutions. For personal space, it is usually installed in the kitchen. This is because it is durable for commercial usage and relatively inexpensive. The durability of the material makes it resistant to vandalism. In the event of vandalism, it may be a dent or crack which can be fixed by professionals. The maintenance and cleaning times are less as the colour of stainless steel makes the sink always appear sanitary.

d. Wood Sink
For homeowners who are into rustic and natural looks, a wood sink is your calling. Wood The manufacturers, usually teak or bamboo is the go-to wood to use. This is because it is resistant to mould and fungi which tends to thrive easily in a moisture environment.

e. Cast Polymer Sink
If porcelain and ceramic sinks may be over your renovations budget while you do not want to compromise your bathroom look, introducing cast polymer sinks. The next common question we get asked will be “Will that compromise the quality?” The answer is no. Cast Polymer Sinks are still resistant to crack.

f. Glass Sink
The fragility of glass sinks is nothing to be worried about. They are made from tempered glass for durability and user safety. Tempered glass undergoes chemical methods and thermal heating up to 600 degrees to ensure it does not break easily. This does not mean they are resistant to chips and crack.

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Plumbing Problems
Like all the products in a house, some may find clogging issues from their vanity sink which can be avoided easily. Clogging happens when the hair and dirt, combining with the soap, gather on the walls of the pipes. The best advice to prevent the vanity sink from clogging is to avoid washing your hair in your vanity sink as much as possible. Although we do admit it is an effective and time-saving method to wash our hair especially during the morning rush. However, a vanity sink is designed for daily routines like brushing your teeth and hair, facial cleansing, and shaving. Short length hairs from your face are thin enough to be flush down the sink’s pipe. However, head hair is longer and thicker, so it will eventually be stuck in the filter causing the sink to clog. Only basins found in hair saloons can be used for hair wash as they are designed for the purpose.
Tapware & Tapholes
While you are choosing your vanity sink, please keep in mind your tapware design is also matching with your choice basin. Aside from that, you need to take note of the number of tap holes your sink offers. A quick guide will be 1 for modern looking, 2 for a traditional style where the hot and cold are separated and 3 for filter water which is rarely the case needed for bathroom vanity sinks.
Aulic Vanity Sink

Aulic Australia is a manufacturer and supplier of household products like vanity sink, smart toilets, vanities, shaving cabinets and many other bathroom furniture. We are a company known for its excellence in quality and price. We master great nano craftsmanship on our vanity sink. We are able to customise as per your requirements. Have a chat with our friendly staff. If you are looking for ready-made products, check out our authorised stockist showroom.

Get bathroom basins and sinks that are practical and will suit your style. Sleek and stylish, our basins fit right on top of vanities and will complement the look of your bathroom’s aesthetic. Covering storage, smooth water flow, and easy maintenance, our basins provide both function and a luxurious look to any bathroom.

Our vanity basins can be easily installed on benchtops or bathroom cabinets, giving you more space for all your creams, lotions, and other toiletries. They also add a focal point to your bathroom, giving it a modern aesthetic. Above-counter basins for bathrooms are the most practical as they are easy to clean and maintain.

Why get bathroom basins from Aulic?

As a supplier of expertly crafted high-quality bathroom ware, our washing basin:

  • Is Made of High-Quality Materials
Made of only premium quality materials, our bathroom basins are durable and can withstand use and time.
  •  Has a Sleek and Modern Design
Our vanity basins add a modern and stylish look to any bathroom and create a focal point in that space, making a bathroom more attractive.
  • Comes in Various Shapes and Sizes
Coming in various shapes and sizes, you will find a basin that fits the size and complements the aesthetic of your bathroom.
  • Provides Additional Storage Space
Because they fit right on top of your benchtops or vanities, our basins give you more counter space, which is ideal for small bathrooms or bathrooms with limited storage.
  • Is Easy to Clean and Maintain
Compared to a toilet basin or under-mounted sinks, above-counter bathroom basins are much easier to clean and maintain because of the absence of crevices for dirt and grime to accumulate.

Designed to elevate your bathroom, we created these fixtures with both style and function in mind, making them among the best bathroom basins in Australia. Our collection will upgrade any bathroom so it’s an essential selection in your stores and showrooms.

We provide basins bathrooms that will stand out. Your customers will love you for this luxurious line. Our products are available in bulk at competitive prices. Get in touch with us for your stocks today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bathroom basin?

A bathroom basin or sink is a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture that has a faucet that controls the flow of water. It is used for handwashing, grooming, and other purposes, and comes in various types, shapes, and sizes to match the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Why do I need a bathroom basin?

You need a bathroom basin for hygiene and convenience, as it makes handwashing and grooming easier. It is also an essential piece that completes your bathroom’s overall design and aesthetic.

What factors should I consider when buying a bathroom basin?

When buying a bathroom basin, you should consider important factors such as the durability of the material, the compatibility of its faucet and drain, the installation process needed, and your budget. You should also consider the size as well as the style and design to make sure the basin complements the overall size and aesthetic of your bathroom.