LED Mirrors

We Create Stunning Bathrooms, Customized as Per Your Requirements.

Illuminate Any Bathroom with Our Line of Luxurious LED Mirrors

Elevate your bathroom with a splendid LED bathroom mirror. With modern and contemporary designs, our LED mirrors pair perfectly with basins or vanities, complementing your bathroom’s aesthetic. Offering durability, clarity, energy efficiency, and smart features, our LED mirrors add a touch of both luxury and functionality to any bathroom.

The clear reflection that our lighted mirrors provide not only makes looking your best easier, it also makes your bathroom look larger and brighter. The even illumination from the energy-saving LED lights eliminates shadows to enhance your grooming experience. With adjustable brightness and other smart functions, you can customise the lighting to your preference and create the perfect ambience for your space.

Why get a LED bathroom mirror from Aulic?

As a supplier of expertly crafted high-quality bathroomware, our LED vanity mirrors:

  • Have Premium Build Quality

Made with premium build quality, our LED mirrors are durable and can withstand use and time so their features can be enjoyed for years to come.


  • Have Super Clarity and Fog Resistance

With anti-fog technology, our LED mirrors have built-in demisters that prevent condensation so you can always see yourself clearly even in the steamiest of bathrooms.

  • Provide 3 Colour Dimmable LED Lighting

Get a bathroom mirror with LED lights that have adjustable brightness settings so you can create the quaint ambience for your bathroom!


  • Comes with Touch-Free Sensors

Designed for your convenience, sensor-activated lighting turns on and off automatically when you approach and leave.


  • They are Backlit

Our LED mirrors are backlit to give your bathroom the most gorgeous glow.


  • They are Energy Efficient

Automatically turned off after 90 minutes, our LED bathroom mirrors help reduce your electricity costs and minimise environmental impact.


  • Comes in Sleek and Modern Designs
    With space-saving sleek and modern designs, our pill-shaped, arch, or round LED mirrors will add a luxurious touch to any bathroom.

Designed to elevate your bathroom and grooming experience, we created these smart accessories with both style and function in mind. This makes them among the finest LED bathroom mirrors in Australia. Our collection will upgrade any bathroom so it’s an essential selection in your stores and showrooms.


Provide a mirror that gleams with an LED mirror in the bathroom. If you offer your customers a luxurious line of mirrors, whether they are pill-shaped, arch-shaped, or LED round mirrors, they will love you. Our products are available in bulk at competitive prices. Interested in your stock? Get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LED mirror?

An LED mirror is simply a mirror illuminated by LED lights, typically in sleek, modern designs in various shapes and sizes to complement the aesthetic of any space. Usually placed in bathrooms or powder rooms, these mirrors provide bright, even lighting to eliminate shadows and make grooming or shaving safer and easier.

Why do I need an LED mirror for my bathroom?

You need an LED mirror because its smart features provide convenience. Its bright and even lighting makes grooming and shaving safer and easier, especially if your bathroom has limited natural lighting. It also adds a modern luxurious touch to your bathroom’s overall design and aesthetic.

What factors should I consider when buying an LED mirror for my bathroom?

When buying an LED bathroom mirror, you should consider important factors such as durability and build quality, the colour and brightness of the LED lights, its smart features such as anti-fog technology, adjustable brightness, and touch-free sensors, the installation process needed, and your budget. You should also consider the size as well as the style and design to make sure the mirror complements the overall size and aesthetic of your bathroom.