Shaving cabinets

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Shaving cabinets

declutters your home

Shaving cabinets are the ultimate storage solution for your bathroom! With sleek designs and ample space for all your grooming essentials, our shaving cabinets are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Crafted from high-quality materials and built to last, our shaving cabinets feature adjustable shelving and mirrored doors for added convenience. From electric razors to shaving cream and beyond, our cabinets are designed to keep your bathroom clutter-free and organised.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or just looking for a stylish and functional storage option, our shaving cabinets are sure to impress.

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect cabinet to suit your unique style and needs.

“I have far too much storage” – said no one ever
Any items you deem appropriate to be hidden away in the bathroom or for convenience purposes can be stored in the bathroom wall cabinet. Having a bathroom wall cabinet helps you to stash away all your bulk bathroom supplies such as toilet rolls, soap, extra toothbrushes, grooming accessories, bathroom cleaning products and more. This gives you additional room for your bathroom activities while bringing you the utmost convenience when you are restocking your bathroom supplies.
Available Features
At Aulic, our bathroom wall cabinet is designed with functionality and usability in mind. We want our customers to find their hairbrush, shaver or even as small as a scrunchie easily when they are rushing out of the bed. Hence, we build a bathroom wall cabinet with accurate fitting on the storage length, heights, and depths. Other than creating storage with the right measurement, our bathroom wall cabinet offers features like adjustable internal shelves, soft-close doors, and more.
Adding Character to your Bathroom
Our stunning bathroom wall cabinets are designed to stand the test against time. We have a range of different materials and colours to suit all modern looking bathroom styles. Choose from a wide range of styles from natural-looking timber cabinets with different shades of wood, modern glass doors, round or arched style, triple doors and even vintage wall cabinets are available. For unified looks, please browse our Aulic vanities collections. Apart from the stylish looks of our products, we only acquired premium quality raw materials from international companies to build our bathroom wall cabinet. Besides that, our bathroom wall cabinets are also made of premium graphite interior. We are extremely confident with our products that we offer a year warranty on our shaving cabinets.
Bathroom Wall Cabinets with Mirrors
Mirror is a MUST HAVE in the bathroom and adding this essential item on your bathroom wall cabinets is a total advantage. Aside from stating the obvious needs of a mirror, a mirror enhances your bathroom furniture by the reflected light. It further enhances all your bathroom furniture. You can never go sideways with a mirror bathroom wall cabinet. Looking for seamless bathroom wall cabinets with mirrors? Visit our list of partnered stockists near you.
Australia’s Leading Bathware Supplier
As Australia’s premium and luxurious bathroom suppliers, we have supplied and import top quality bathroom furniture for more than 9 years. Our aim is to deliver products that last a lifetime and receive only praises and likes. Our team are working hard daily to construct, design and supply the best end products to our stockist. Besides that, we welcome customization on bathroom wall cabinets as well. To learn more on how to be one of our stockists for your showroom or online stores, please send us an enquiry by submitting the form below. Our sales team will get back to you in 1 business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shaving cabinet?

A shaving cabinet is a bathroom cabinet specifically designed to store and organise your shaving supplies such as razors, shaving cream, and aftershave, as well as the rest of your grooming essentials. But more than just an extra storage space, it is also a statement piece that can be stylish as much as a functional addition to any bathroom.

Why should I get a shaving cabinet?

You should add a shaving cabinet to your bathroom so that you have a designated space for storing your shaving supplies and other grooming tools, keeping them tidy, organised, and accessible. It also completes the look of your bathroom, complementing its overall appearance.

Why get shaving cabinets from Aulic?

As a supplier of expertly crafted high-quality bathroom ware, our shaver bathroom cabinet:
  • Is Made of High-Quality Materials
Made of only premium quality raw materials from international companies, our shaving cabinets are durable and will last for years to come.
  • Has a Stylish Yet Practical Design
Our bathroom shaving cabinets have a sleek design that’s also functional, making it a stylish yet practical addition to any bathroom.
  • Provides Ample Storage Space
With enough space, our shaving cabinets can store all of your toiletries, razors, creams, and other grooming essentials.
  • Allows Easy Grooming
Our shaver bathroom cabinets feature a mirror on their door so you can see yourself while grooming.
  • Has a Moisture-Resistant Interior
With interiors lined with moisture-resistant material, our shaving cabinets keep your toiletries and grooming tools in top condition.
  • Has Adjustable Shelves
Our shaving cabinets have adjustable shelves and compartments that allow you to organise the way you want to.
  •  Is a Space-Saver

Our bathroom shaving cabinets are wall-mountable, saving you valuable counter space.

What factors should I consider when buying a shaving cabinet?

When buying a shaving cabinet, you should consider important factors such as the material, size and layout, and additional features and storage options. You should also consider the style and design to make sure it matches the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.