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Timber vanity can be referred to as the modern-day’s style of the available vanities in the market. The specialty about them is it is derived from the natural product wood. Timber vanity is presently one of the trending styles in the current times. Timber vanities are incredible in looks, and they bring a lot of refinement and adding comfort to them. We all know anything made of wood is a durable product and a timber vanity always gives the best in terms of style.
Why Timber Vanity?

Timber vanities are considered a great addition to the bathroom. The reason being, timber vanities bring a rustic and elegant look to the bathroom. The advantages of a timber vanity for your bathroom adds more than its refined and timeless appearance. A solid timber vanity has a longer lifespan than any other vanities because the surface can be easily repaired, proving it to be not only an option but also a long-term investment. Besides that, timber vanities also bring warmth to the washroom which was never offered by the other vanities. Another great advantage of the timber vanity is the fixing of the scratches on the surface by some easy methods such as sanding or repainting. In this way, a timber vanity can be an asset to the bathroom in making it rich.

Types of Timber Vanities

Timber vanities play an important role in the business of vanities. Timber vanity can be defined as one of the present trending bathroom vanity styles which are made up of natural wood. Some of the trending timber vanities which are ruling the market are stated below.

 a. Wall Hung Timber Vanity 

This kind of timber vanity is the most installed among the other types of vanities. Instead of standing on the floor, a wall-hung vanity is mounted to the wall. This indicates that there is extra space beneath the vanity. Wall-mounted vanities come in a choice of sizes, via one or multiple basins. They can also be mounted on the wall at different heights. 

 b. Freestanding Vanity

A freestanding timber vanity stands alone on the floor. It includes a kickboard that perfectly matches the space beneath the doors, making it effectively contained. This kind of vanity offers plenty of storage for all of the placement of our products. They also help in keeping the bathroom clean and tidy. As the vanity is directly resting on the floor, the burden of cleaning it often is reduced. It is a time-saving vanity among the wall hung and this vanity.

“Are Marble Vanities Really Good?”

Which look should I go for – Marble or Timber Vanities?  Well, let us break down to you the good and bad of marble vanities. Marbles are generally made of calcium carbonate, which is known as a softer chemical compound. On the Mohs scale, it is recorded a minimum level of 3 and a maximum value of 5. The reason why they are chosen over others is the elegant look they bring to the bathroom. Hence it is turning out to be the popular one among the available options to the customers. However, that does not mean they are the best option available to design a bathroom. 

Some of the disadvantages found by using this kind of vanities are staining and etching. Marble is considered a soft stone and it tends to absorb liquid and substances.

On the other hand, etching is caused by the accidental contact of acidic substances like lemon, and the use of abrasive cleaning products. So when it comes to cleaning, homeowners need to be more cautious on what cleaning substance they are using to avoid a subtle mark.

Sometimes beauty is worth the hassle. If you are looking for marble vanities, visit our nearest stockist in Australia. We have different sizes and colors of marble vanities to transform your bathroom into a luxurious lavatory. 

Customizing your Vanity

Aulic offers you the choice of customizing the vanities according to your wish. We are ready to fulfill all client’s design requirements. Some of the customizing options we provide are mentioned below: 

  1. The material used such as Medium-density fibreboard (MDF), marble, plywood, solid wood options. 
  2. The number of doors, drawers, shelves also can be customized.
  3. The number of basins can be customized.
  4. Wide range of color shades to choose from such as dark oak, light oak, matte, glossy white, and more. 
  5. Build with soft- closer features. 

Looking for a sleek and modern timber vanity supplier? Look no further at Aulic. We are a team of passionate and innovative bathroom furniture designers and suppliers in the industry. We are continuously keeping up with the market likes and dislikes. Have a chat with our friendly bath-ware experts to know more about us today! 

Own with Trust

We are a business with a vast experience of 9 years in this field supplying a wide range of products including timber vanity. We have gained trust from all the renowned businesses and our valuable customers. We all know how important it is to keep our bathroom clean and well furnished. Being a supplier of bathroom products, Aulic always strives for the production of high-quality products at very reasonable prices. We are here to assure our customers are supplied with good quality products with a guarantee period of up to a year.